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Reiki works on one word – Trust : Nikita Dudani

Debunking the question:

‘Will Reiki Work for Me?’

Nikita Dudani

Reiki Master & Tarot Reader

Many people while approaching me for Reiki, asks,Does Reiki truly works?’

Instead of answering it, I ask them, ‘Do you want it to work for you?’ Everyone replies positively.

I just reflect to them there lays your answer – if you trust Reiki, it will never leave you.

Some people find it hard to believe it as it either doesn’t sit well with their logical mind or they are feeling apprehensive by letting themselves loose or leaving their guards behind for something they haven’t experienced before.
This is natural!

It is okay to feel confused, lost, and apprehensive to try something, which you haven’t done before.

The feeling of being lost and confused and self-doubt and apprehension is quite common occurrence whenever we are doing something for the first time. Remember the time, when you had joint school or college or started your first job/business – didn’t you feel same?

In those times– did you just quit because you were having unpleasant feelings?
No! You didn’t because you trusted yourself. You trusted the fact that whatever your learnt before, the degree that you have achieved, or the internships that you have gone through are there to support you.

Standing in that new territory was difficult but you carried on; you didn’t quit because you had Trust!

Similarly, when you approach Reiki – all you need to do is Trust! Trust yourself for seeking it, trust the person whom you have approached for it and overall, trust the universe for guiding you.

After all, Reiki is a natural form of healing. It is a simple universal energy that is transmitted through Reiki channels to help you heal. When you truly surrender yourself to universe, miracles take place, and Reiki is one of them.

Reiki works for everyone and anyone who ASKS for it.


Remember, the key here is to seek it or ask for it. Reiki is miraculous and wouldn’t do any damage to anyone. But, if Reiki is sent to someone who isn’t receptive to receive it, he/she wouldn’t benefit from it.

Similarly, if you seek Reiki with self doubts and questions on how and whether it will work for you, you are already rejecting it. Once the universal energy is rejected consciously or unconsciously, you won’t be able to see benefits because of an unknown wall, which has been formed around you.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you approach Reiki with an open mind and trust universe to take care of you. It is a blessing, if you trust it. Probably, you can talk to your Guru or the person whom you have approached to give Reiki to help you clear your doubts. This is will help you with a clear picture of what Reiki is about and how it Works.

This will help you with a clear picture of what Reiki is about and how it works.
Reiki works on one word – Trust!
Believe and see miracles taking place!


About the Author

Nikita Dudani, a resident of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India have been in the field of spirituality since last 5+ years and practicing Reiki and Tarot for last 4+ years. She has been intutive since childhood and that’s what made her pursue this field of spirituality. Any modality in spirituality helps her understand that how in this competitive world, we have lost touch with our gut feeling and our intutive power. Her aim is to be aware of same for herself and spread same in the world. Apart from this, she is practicing counselor and Psychotherapist. She likes reading books in free time, cooking, and traveling.

Nikita Dudani
Reiki Master & Tarot Reader
Blog: https://aakrutitarotandreiki.wordpress.com/
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