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7th April 2024: Today is “My health, My right” Day

Patient’s care  management needs innovation to improve Quality of  Health Care system

In broader Health Care Systemscape , Patients’ care  management  needs  wide range of innovative practices and new protocols to improve quality of health care delivery mechanism across all kind of patients, as  indicated by Dr. Vijay Agarwal President of CAHO India . 

Dr. Vijay Agarwal was speaking at  a session  titled ” PATIENT FOR PATIENT SAFETY: NEW PARADIGMS IN HEALTHCARE ”   organised by  Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, (WICCI) Eastern Regional Council on 4th April 2024 in ICCR Kolkata. 

The program was organised under leadership of Mrs. Manjula Jain Chairperson of WICCI Eastern Regional Council. 

 Dr. Thuppil  Venkatesh popularly known as “Lead man of India ” and technical adviser to UNIDO and WHO , Dr. Sameet Mehta Vice-chairman CAHO attended the program. 

 World Health Day 2024 is being observed on 7th April 2024 with theme  :  ‘My health, my right’.

  Patients for patient safety is an initiative for meaningful engagement of patients, families and communities to improve health care quality and patient safety.

WHO Patients for Patients Safety (PFPS) is a programme of WHO Flagship Initiative “A Decade of Patient Safety 2021-2030” that engages and empowers patients and families and facilitates their partnership with health professionals and policy-makers to make health care services safer worldwide. Patient is the only one person gone through his/her entire care process: Her/his and family voice should be heard fully.

 Since inception, PFPS programme has broadened and  widened to include engagement for people-centredness and universal access and quality care. 

Dr. Koel Mitra Professor and Dr. Sudeshna Ganguly President of WICCI WB Corporate Workplace Council  discussed various aspects of current doctor -patient communication system in Government run as well as private hospitals in West Bengal as well as various challenges  faced by both doctors and patients and scope of  improvement in various aspects of communication in Doctor -Patient relationship. 

Patients For Patients Safety Initiative in India is a movement to sensitise and empower patients and caregivers which has started  in various states across India including in Kolkata ,West Bengal.

Eighth edition of CAHOCON, Annual Conference of Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organizations  is scheduled to take place on April 6th and 7th, 2024, at the prestigious Biswa Bangla Convention Centre in Kolkata. 

Theme of 8th CAHOCON 2024: “Making Healthcare Efficient, Effective, Economical & Equitable”

CAHOCON 2024 aims  to making healthcare systems more efficient, effective, economical, and equitable.

 PARTHA ROY, Kolkata

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